Residential Floor Plan Software

Welcome to Digital Canal, where we invite you to explore our residential floor plan software and see how it can make the design and construction process of your projects so much easier.

Digital Canal is the proud developer of the industry-leading floor plan software for contractors called SolidBuilder. This is wildly accurate and intuitive software that over 11,000 builders and construction professionals around the United States use to design their projects and then convert those designs into workable plans.

Our residential floor plan programs for contractors are equipped with what is called True Build technology. That means that everything designed in our software can be built out in the field. This eliminates the need for mid-project changes, wasted materials, frustrating hurdles and more.

Perfect for building and remodeling projects
Our floor plan programs for home building are ideal for all types of projects. In fact, SolidBuilder and Building Blocks streamlines the design and construction phases by providing accurate, easy-to-use tools.

  • Full building projects: Many construction professionals utilize SolidBuilder when they are building a new home. SolidBuilder allows you to choose from a variety of pre-loaded floor plans to start with. From there, the plan is fully customizable, allowing you to add everything from doors and windows to plumbing and an HVAC system.
  • Remodeling projects: Our residential floor plan software can even make a simple remodeling project easier. By clicking and dragging the mouse, you are able to add new elements, such as windows and doors. There are so many pre-loaded options that SolidBuilder is developed to suit ever taste and building style.

While it might sound like such intuitive floor plan software for contractors would be cumbersome to learn and master, it really isn’t. Most construction professionals are working on it proficiently after just two hours of training.

This training comes in the form of a built-in wizard along with numerous online videos and even unlimited, live phone and remote access support from our team of developers, who are also both current and former construction professionals that are incredibly familiar with the needs and issues you face out in the field.

Your all-in-one digital tool
While some software provides help in the design process and others are more geared toward the construction aspect, Digital Canal has brought both together into one, affordable program.

Experience our residential floor plan software for yourself by contacting our team and scheduling a time for a free demonstration.